Finnish Junior Rally Championship


The Finnish Junior Rally Championship has long traditions and it has been driven since 1969. There are many familiar names on the list of those who have won the championship, including Markku Alén, Marcus Grönholm and Juha Salo.

The FJRC, which will be competing for the sixth time in its current concept for the upcoming season, offers the opportunity to compete for the championship with any competitor holding an AKK Junior Class Competitor License. At the end of five rallies, the Finnish Junior Rally Champion will be awarded.

The title is competed in five rallies, two in the winter and three in the summer. All competitions are so-called dark rallies, and at the end of the season each driver will be counted in the result of the top four races. The season 2020 starts from Mikkeli.

The series will compete in five different categories, with one Finnish Junior Rallu Champion being awarded. Thus, the title is able to compete with as wide a range of racing equipment as possible without giving a fleet offset to its rivals.

More info from the FJRC website.