Esapekka Lappi and Janne Ferm – 0-car´s in Mikkeli


TOYOTA GAZOO Racing WRT testdriver Esapekka Lappi and co-driver Janne Ferm will drive 0-car in 2017 FRC Vaakuna-Rally and the FIRST Baltic Rally Trophy -event in Finland.

Welcome Esapekka and Janne!



Gratest rally of the times – 2017 FRC Vaakuna-Rally!

Now it´s true, Kalle Rovanperä will be driving at 2017 SM Vaakuna-Rally in Baltic Rally Trophy -event !

AKK Motorsport ry made a decision – 16 year old Kalle is allowed to drive 4WD vehicles in Finnish rallies. Decision is very great decision to 2017 FRC Vaakuna-Rally and to all motorsport in Finland.

“We are very proud of this – we are making Finnish motorsport history!” says Hannu Hulkkonen, the Chairman of 2017 FRC Vaakuna-Rally.

More information if in need:

Tomi Jääskeläinen, Clerk of the Course, tel. +358 44 350 7000, tomi.jaaskelainen (at)

Picture: Kalle Rovanperä Racing

Nine Special Stages – two on Friday and seven on Saturday!


Coming year 2017 there will be nine special stages,  two on Friday and seven on Saturday. SS kilometers in all, will be a little less than 130. Compared to last year the route is 90% relapsed, only two special stages are exactly the same as in the race 2016. All the stages will be driven only once.

The route will be published in mid-january!

FIA Baltic Rally Trophy event in Finland!


In 30th of November the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) published the calendar for the coming year – there will be the 3rd FIA Rally competition in Finland, event of Baltic Rally Trophy. Previusly in Finland there has been two FIA Rally competitions – World Rally Championship (Neste Rally) and Historic Rally Championship (Lahti HistoricRally)

Rally Executive of the Finnish Automobile Sport Federation AKK-Motorsport, Henrik Frank is very pleased to upcoming cooperation:

“It´s really great that we get to open up cooperation with the Baltic countries at such a high level. Hopefully this cooperation which is going to now begin in St Michel, open the gates to a wider interaction between sports federations, organizers and competitors of different countries. Baltic countries are quite close in distance, and offers a completely new culture and a market area for rally cooperations.”

2017 FRC Vaakuna-Rally in Finland is honoured to be a part of the new regional championship initiated by FIA – Baltic Rally Trophy. Points in this serie are collected during different rallies among Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and now also in Finland. Winners of four wheel drive and front wheel drive will have an opprtunity to participate in final event happening in central Europe. During this final competition the winners of various regions will compete to find out the winner of European Rally Trophy.

The European Rally Trophy (ERT), is made up of a total of eight regional competitions which follow broadly the same technical and sporting regulations as the European Rally Championship. Regulations allow for up to eight rallies per region, with a maximum of three best taking place in a single country each season. The top three drivers in each of the four categories (ERT, ERT 2, ERT 3 and ERT Junior), will qualify to compete in the Rally Trophy Final.

FRC Vaakuna-Rally is one of seven events in Finnish Rally Championship and it will be driven in 17th and 18th of February in 2017 – at St.Michel, and nereby, in South-Savo, Finland. There will be nine special stages, two on Friday and seven on Saturday. SS kilometers in all, will be a little less than 130. Rally will start on Friday evening with a spectator stage in the surraundings of the St Michel horse racetrack, which will be driven as a Super Special Stage where two cars will set of the same time.

Clerk Of the Course, FRC Vaakuna-Rally, Tomi Jääskeläinen: “We are proud to be a part of this high level cooperation – and we are looking forward to next February. We are pleased to welcome all competitors to come and see our spectacular rally!”

FRC Vaakuna-Rally has been driven since 2003, organiser Mikkelin Urheiluautoilijat ry celebrates their 50th year of operation in this year. In 2012 FRC Vaakuna-Rally was named the best leg of Finnish Rally Championships and in 2014 the Finnish Automobile Sport Federation AKK-Motorsport chose Mikkelin Urheiluautoilijat as the best motorsport competition organiser of the year.

The Finnish Rally Championship is a premium Finnish motorsport series and it is also highly acclaimed internationally. FRC Vaakuna-Rally is the second competition in line, series starts in Rovaniemi, Lapland, in January 28th.

More information:

Rally Executive of the Finnish Automobile Sport Federation AKK-Motorsport
Henrik Frank
+358 40 534 9977

Clerk Of the Course, FRC Vaakuna-Rally
Tomi Jääskeläinen
+358 44 350 7000

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Safety -car activity continues by SPAUK


Safety -car activity by SPAUK  (Finnish Police Motorsport -club) since 1986  – continues on coming year 2017.

The safety car crew pay special attention to the location of the public, the signs, and those caring stewards for presence and security areas.